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    • Nacionalna ID: Supreme Court, Judgment II Ips 137/2018
    • Država članica: Slovenija
    • Splošno ime:N/A
    • Vrsta odločbe: Sodba vrhovnega sodišča
    • Datum odločbe: 25/10/2018
    • Sodišče: Supreme Court
    • Zadeva:
    • Tožnik:
    • Toženec:
    • Ključne besede: unfair contract terms, consumer credit, information duty
  • Členi direktive
    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 4
  • Uvodna opomba


    Consumer credit agreement with the clause in CHF. (Swiss currency)

  • Dejstva

    Consumer credit agreement with the clause in CHF. (Swiss currency)

  • Pravna zadeva

    The requirements of the information duty under Article 4 of the Directive 93/13.

  • Odločba

    An information duty means a "game with cards laid on the table" which obliges the contracting party (bank) not to conceal any other relevant information that could affect the decision to conclude a contract with the other party (consumer). It is the duty to disclose all the circumstances that the bank could (in the light of its expertise regarding the possible changes in exchange rates and foreign currency lending risks) have known at the time of the conclusion of the contract and could have an impact on its subsequent implementation, since the condition may imply an imbalance between the parties, which only appears during the performance of the contract.


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