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    • Nacionalna ID: Court of Appeal, Judgment I CP 691/2017
    • Država članica: Slovenija
    • Splošno ime:N/A
    • Vrsta odločbe: Sodna odločba v pritožbenem postopku
    • Datum odločbe: 15/09/2017
    • Sodišče: Court of Appeal
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    • Ključne besede: classic consumer contract, off-premises contract, criteria, right to withdrawal
  • Členi direktive
    Consumer Rights Directive, link
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    The Court conducts an in-depth analysis of consumer sales contracts and their essential distinguishing circumstances.

  • Dejstva

    The defendant offered the plaintiff, by phone, a free facial treatment, when in fact the intention was to do a presentation of cosmetic products for purchase. When the plaintiff arrived at the commercial establishment, he realized that the establishment was a shop and not a beauty salon.

  • Pravna zadeva

    Essential distinctive circumstances in relation to classic consumer sales contracts.

  • Odločba

    The essential distinctive circumstances between the off-premises contracts in relation to the classic consumer contract of sale are that 1) the consumer has been contacted by the trader by telephone; the consumer did not share the contact details with her consent; 2) the consumer was invited for a free facial care treatment and not told it was to present the products for the purchase, and 3) the trader's office did not look like a store and not as a classic cosmetic salon. It is, therefore, a specific method of sale that is not explicitly regulated by law, but it is, according to the way of inviting, the service provided and the personal and individual treatment of the client, closest to the contracts that the ZVPot regulates in Article 43.


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    Confirmation of the judgment of the First Instance by the Court of Appeal. It is not a "classic" consumer sale contract.