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    • Nacionalinis numeris: Vilnius Regional Court, Judgement e2A-88-614/2019
    • Valstybė narė: Lietuva
    • Bendrinis pavadinimas:N/A
    • Sprendimo rūšis: Teismo sprendimas apeliacinėje byloje
    • Sprendimo data: 08/02/2019
    • Teismas: Vilnius Regional Court
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    • Raktažodžiai: injunction, public interest
  • Direktyvos straipsniai
    Injunctions Directive, link
  • Įžanginė pastaba

    The Court must be active in dealing with consumer disputes concerning the protection of the public interest.

  • Faktai

    The plaintiff (consumer) applied to the Court for a declaration that the defendant's actions were contrary to the public interest of consumers and to prohibit the defendant from concluding contracts with consumers knowing that the company is not financially capable of fulfilling its obligations under those contracts. The First Instance Court upheld the action in part. The plaintiff appealed the decision of the First Instance Court.

  • Teisės klausimas

    Must the Court be active in dealing with consumer disputes concerning the protection of the public interest?

  • Sprendimas

    Yes. In the present case, the Court of First Instance had not only the right but also the duty to be proactive, to gather additional evidence independently, to assess the extent of the infringement, and to rule comprehensively on the existence of a breach of the public interest and on the need for restrictions (prohibitions) on the defendant's activities requested by the plaintiff, that is, to conclude whether such restrictions are necessary in a democratic society in order to protect consumer rights and freedoms.

    URL: https://eteismai.lt/byla/95424869840298/e2A-88-614/2019

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  • Rezultatas

    The Court annulled the decision of the First Instance Court and referred the case back to the  First Instance Court.