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    • Isikutunnistus: Pärnu County Court, Haapsalu Courthouse, Judgement 2-20-11748
    • Liikmesriik: Eesti
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    • Otsuse liik: Esimese astme kohtuotsus
    • Otsuse kuupäev: 20/01/2021
    • Kohus: Pärnu Maakohus, Haapsalu kohtumaja
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    • Võtmesõnad: package travel, package offer, travel organizer, advertising
  • Direktiivi artiklid
    Package Travel Directive, Article 3 Package Travel Directive, Article 3 Package Travel Directive, Article 13 Package Travel Directive, Article 13
  • Põhimärkus


    Determining if a non-profit organization advertising a package travel as intermediary constitutes a legal relationship between the organization and the consumer.

  • Faktid

    The claimant is a non-profit organization that also advertises travel offers on its website and on social media. The defendant booked travel through the organization and paid the first half of the sum. After the travel was cancelled, the defendant turned to the claimant for reimbursement of the paid sum. The claimant finds that there is no legal relationship between the organization and the defendant because the travel organizer is a third person, and the organization was merely advertising the offer. The claimant does not agree that there is a package travel contract between the parties in the meaning of LOA sec. 866 and D. 2015/2302.

  • Õigusküsimus

    Does advertising a package travel as an intermediary constitute a legal relationship between an organization and a consumer?

  • Otsus

    The court found that there was a legal relationship between the claimant and the defendant. According to the travel advertisement, the travel operator is the claimant and not the third person, who is advertised as a tour guide. By offering multiple travel arrangements as one travel offer, the claimant was advertising a package travel in the meaning of Estonian Tourism Act sec. 7 and LOA sec. 866.

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    A person providing travel services may not rely on a contractual term according to which he or she only mediates individual travel services without being a tour operator if the consumer could reasonably consider him or her a tour operator based on advertising, catalogs, or other circumstances. The judgement is subject to appeal.