• Informations concernant l’affaire
    • ID national: 0567/06C
    • État membre: France
    • Nom commun:N/A
    • Type de décision: Autre
    • Date de la décision: 07/11/2006
    • Juridiction: Tribunal d’Instance de Nice
    • Objet:
    • Demandeur: Anne Marie Gaya née Gandilhon
    • Défendeur: ROBBY FRANCE Electroménager
    • Mots clés: cancellation of contract, conformity with the contract
  • Articles de la directive
    Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive, link
  • Note introductive
    In case of lack of conformity of a good with the contract, if the solution proposed by the seller cannot be implemented within one month of the buyer making his claim, the latter can ask for refund.
  • Faits
    The plaintiff bought a good from the defendant, which appeared to be non-conforming to the contract. The defendant having taken no action to repair or to replace the good within one month of the plaintiff making his claim, the latter asked for reimbursement.
  • Question juridique
    In case of a lack of conformity of a good with the contract, in which circumstances can the buyer ask for a refund?
  • Décision

    As the non-conformity of the good appeared to be major, in absence of action from the defendant within one month, the plaintiff has the right to ask for reimbursement.

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  • Résultat
    The sale is cancelled.