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  • Case Details
    • National ID: link
    • Member State: Slovenia
    • Common Name:link
    • Decision type: Supreme court decision
    • Decision date: 11/02/2009
    • Court: Supreme court (Administrative department)
    • Subject:
    • Plaintiff: Unknown
    • Defendant: The Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia
    • Keywords: consumer, labelling, price, price information
  • Directive Articles
    Price Indication Directive, Article 4, 1.
  • Headnote
    (1) The price of goods and services offered by a trader must be visibly labelled.
    (2) The prices of restaurant and catering services have to be visibly printed in the form of a menu and have to be available to the guests everywhere (inside and outside) the services are offered.
  • Facts
    The market inspection ordered the plaintiff to visibly price its services also in the outside area of its restaurant.
  • Legal issue
    The court found that there were no price lists or menus available to the guests in the outside area of the restaurant, and that therefore the measure of the Market Inspectorate was rightful and lawful, and that substantive law was correctly applied.
  • Decision

    (1) Should the prices of the goods and services offered by a trader be visibly labelled?
    (2) Should the prices of restaurant and catering services be available to guests everywhere the services are offered?


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  • Result
    The plaintiff's request was denied.