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    • État membre: France
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    • Type de décision: Autre
    • Date de la décision: 01/02/2005
    • Juridiction: Cour de Cassation
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  • Articles de la directive
    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 1, 1. Injunctions Directive, Article 1, 1. Injunctions Directive, Annex I
  • Note introductive
    PROTECTION DES CONSOMMATEURS - Association de défense des consommateurs - Action en justice - Action en suppression de clauses abusives - Retrait du contrat-type - Moment - Portée.
  • Faits
    Within the frame of the launch of its website, Avenir Télécom, a company specialised in the provision of pay-monthly mobile phone contracts, controlled by the company Net Up known as Log Global Services, offered an “e-pack” contract which included subscription to an internet access service linked to the sale of IT equipment.
    The consumer association UFC Que Choisir exercised its powers to make a pre-emptive challenge against the distribution of the contract, sought damages and requested the court of first instance to declare certain terms unfair as well as constituting false advertising.
    The decision of the Court of Appeal of Paris (Paris, 23 May 2003) rejected the contentions of the consumer association for want of cause.
  • Question juridique
  • Décision

    Consumer associations have standing before the civil courts in the exercise of powers conferred upon them to make pre-emptive challenges to seek an injunction to restrain the use of or reliance upon unfair contract terms in every contract proffered to consumers or aimed at consumers.
    However, the Court of Appeal was correct in its decision to hold the consumer association unable to have the litigious clauses struck out of all contracts already concluded after having stated that those particular standard terms were no longer being offered to consumers at the date at which the pre-emptive challenge was made.

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