• Informations concernant l’affaire
    • ID national: 11-27729
    • État membre: France
    • Nom commun:11-27729
    • Type de décision: Décision de la Cour suprême
    • Date de la décision: 04/12/2012
    • Juridiction: Cour de cassation
    • Objet:
    • Demandeur: Société Pewterpassion.com and Société Saumon''s
    • Défendeur: Société Leguide.com
    • Mots clés: advertisement, internet, misleading omissions, price comparison, price information
  • Articles de la directive
    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Chapter 2, Section 1, Article 7, 1.
  • Note introductive
    Omitting to mention the fact that a trader has paid to give priority to its commercial offers, constitutes an unfair and misleading commercial practice.
  • Faits
    Defendant provides premium display of traders' commercial offers in its price comparison website against remuneration. This means that traders, who pay for the advertisement, are given an advantage to those who have not paid. This may lead the consumer into believing that the trader who has paid for the advertisement, is also effectively the best from the viewpoint of the price comparison.

    The court of appeal ruled that this practice constitutes an unfair and misleading commercial practice.     
  • Question juridique
    Does the omission to mention the fact that a trader has paid to give priority to its commercial offers, constitute an unfair and misleading commercial practice? 
  • Décision

    According to the court, the lack of information relating to the privileged display (i.e. the fact that the trader has actually paid to obtain such a privileged display) is likely to materially distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer who is oriented first towards the paid offers and deprived of objective choice criteria. 

    The court therefore considered that this practice constitutes a misleading omission as the consumer has not been provided with all material information to take an informed transactional decision.  

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  • Résultat
    The plaintiff's claim was granted.