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    • ID Nazzjonali: CCT 354/09 Joseph Cassar v George Barbara
    • Stat Membru: Malta
    • Isem Komuni:N/A
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    • Data tad-Deċiżjoni: 05/07/2010
    • Qorti: Maltese Consumer Tribunal
    • Suġġett:
    • Rikorrent: Joseph Cassar
    • Intimat: George Barbara
    • Kliem Prinċipali: material information, product characteristics
  • Artikoli tad-Direttiva
    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Chapter 2, Section 1, Article 7, 1.
  • Nota Introduttiva
    Not providing information on the quality of a product constitutes a misleading omission.
  • Fatti
    The plaintiff had purchased an engine of the defendant.

    After a period of time, the engine established some defects, for which the defendant was held liable.

    According to the plaintiff, the defendant had not informed the plaintiff on the quality of the product.

  • Kwistjonijiet legali
    Does it constitute a misleading omission not to provide information on the quality of a product?
  • Deċiżjoni

    In a short reasoning, it was held by the court that the information on the quality of a product is essential information.

    Next, the defendant could not prove such information was communicated to the plaintiff.

    As a result, according to the court, the plaintiff had not been provided with all relevant information in order to make an informed transactional decision. Hence, the defendant had breached the prohibition on misleading omissions.

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  • Riżultat
    The Tribunal ordered the vendor to pay damages.