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Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive (2006/114) - Latvia

National Law
Title Adoption date for national laws In force date PDF
The Civil Law 28/01/1937 01/09/1992
Latvian Administrative Violations Code 07/12/1984 01/07/1985
Latvian Code of Administrative Offenses 07/12/1984 01/07/1985
Regulation of 18. June 1994 08/06/1994 18/06/1994
Criminal Law 17/06/1998 01/04/1999
Tourism Law 17/09/1998 01/01/1999
Consumer Rights Protection Law 18/03/1999 15/04/1999
Cabinet of Ministers regulation No. 255 "Procedures for Displaying Prices of Products and Services" 18/05/1999 01/01/2000
Official Language Law 09/12/1999 01/09/2000
Advertising Law 20/12/1999 24/01/2000
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
153 link

Article 2, (a)

Administrative decision, first degree 16/06/2016
E03-PTU-K111-40 link

Article 2, (a)

Administrative decision, first degree 28/08/2012
A420163016 link

Article 3, (b)

Article 2, (b)

Court decision, first degree 05/07/2016
130046313 link

Article 2, (a)

Court decision, first degree 22/11/2013
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Legal Literature

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Other material
Title Emanating from
What we should know for advertising not to mislead us Latvijas Vēstnesis, „Par likumu un valsti”
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