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Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83) - Ireland

National Law
Title Adoption date for national laws In force date PDF
European Communities (Protection of Consumers' Collective Interests) Regulations, 2001 01/01/9999 03/10/2001 legislation330_en.pdf
Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995 01/01/9999 01/10/1995 legislation253_en.pdf
European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations, 1995 and 2000. 01/01/9999 01/01/1995 legislation235_en.pdf
European Communities (Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Associated Guarantees) Regulations 2003 01/01/9999 22/01/2003 legislation331_en.pdf
European Communities (Protection of Consumers in Respect of Contracts made by Means of Distance Communication) Regulations, 2001 01/01/9999 15/05/2001 legislation328_en.pdf
European Communities (Cancellation of Contracts negotiated away from business premises) Regulations, 1989 01/01/9999 01/01/9999 legislation147_en.pdf
European Communities (Requirements to Indicate Product Prices) Regulations, 2002 01/01/9999 01/03/2003 legislation329_en.pdf
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Enforcement System

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Legal Literature

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Other material
Title Emanating from
Distance and Off-Premises Contracts (Guidelines) Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
Consultation Paper on Reform of the Law on Consumer Contract Rights Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
The European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013 Guidance Note Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
Transposition of Consumer Rights Directive Regulatory Impact Analysis Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
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