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Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83) - Poland

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
The Timeshare Act of 16 September 2011 01/01/9999 28/04/2012
The Timeshare Act 16/09/2011 28/04/2012
The Code of Petty Offences 20/05/1971 01/01/1972
The Act on Tourist Services of 29 August 1997 29/08/1997 01/07/1998 legislation262_en_en.pdf
The Act on Tourist Services 29/08/1997 01/07/1998
The Act on prices of 5 July 2001 05/07/2001 11/12/2001 legislation265_en_en.pdf
The Act of 16 February 2007 on the protection of competion and consumers 16/02/2007 01/01/9999 legislation266_en_en.pdf
The Act of 13 July 2000 on the protection of purchasers in respect of the right to use buildings or dwellings during certain time each year 13/07/2000 08/12/2000 legislation264_en_en.pdf
Regulation of Minister of Development on visualizing the prices of goods and services 09/12/2015 01/01/2016
Protection of Competition and Consumers Act 16/02/2007 21/04/2007
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
I C 662/14 link

Chapter 1, Article 1

Court decision, first degree 02/03/2016
III SZP 2/15 link

Chapter 1, Article 2, (1)

Supreme court decision 09/09/2015
I CSK 216/14 link

Chapter 1, Article 2, (1)

Supreme court decision 07/04/2015
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Ustawa o prawach konsumenta. Komentarz, publisher: Wolters Kluwer, 2015 Act on Consumer Rights. Commentary LUBASZ, D., NAMYSŁOWSKA M. (red) 2015
Europejski Przegląd Sądowy, 2013, no 3. p. 25-30. Mutual payments between the parties after the consumer's withdrawal according to the Directive 2011/83/EU OLCZYK, M. 2013
Przegląd Prawa Handlowego, 2014, no 11. pages 4-14. New rules of concluding contracts with consumers (part I) KOCOT, W.J., KONDEK, J.M. 2014
Przegląd Prawa Handlowego, 2014, no 4. p. 19-30. Pre-contractual information in Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights implementation problems in the Polish law WOJTASZEK MIK, E. 2014
Studia Prawnicze KUL, 2015, no 1. p. 161-180. Revolution in consumer rights? – analysis of changes implemented with the Act on consumer rights KONARSKA, P. 2015
Wiadomości Ubezpieczeniowe, 2015, no 2, p. 3-18 The Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014: its origins, importance and scope of application in the insurance services sector BAGIŃSKA, E. 2015
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Other material
Title Emanating from
Information of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection concerning the observance of consumer rights in the distance sale of goods and services. President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów)
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