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Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive (2006/114) - France

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Decree of 16 November 1999 on the indication of unit prices for certain prewrapped products offered to consumers 01/01/9999 24/11/1999
Regulation No. 2001-741 of 23 August 2001 implementing EC Directives on Consumer Law 01/01/9999 25/08/2001
Consumer Code 01/01/9999 01/01/9999
Decree No.94-490 on the conditions to exercise the activities relating to the organisation and the sale of packages or journeys 01/01/9999 17/06/1994
Regulation No. 2005-136 of 17 February 2005 on the guarantee of conformity to the contract of the good owed to the consumer by the seller 01/01/9999 18/02/2005
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
14-26095 link

Article 4, (b)

Article 4, (a)

Article 4, (c)

Supreme court decision 05/07/2016
13-28217 link

Article 4, (c)

Article 4, (d)

Supreme court decision 12/04/2016
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Guillaume BUSSEUIL, "Du visible à l'invisible : la notion de publicité à l'épreuve du nom de domaine et des métatags", Petites Affiches, n°101, 21 mai 2014, p. 4 From the visible to the invisible: the notion of advertising tested by domain names and metatags BUSSEUIL, G. 2014
Helène CLARET, "La loyauté des pratiques commerciales à l'égard des consommateurs - Plaidoyer pour une refonte", Contrats Concurrence Consommation n°1, Janvier 2014, étude 1 Loyalty regarding commercial practices vis-à-vis consumers - a plea for reform CLARET, H. 2014
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Other material

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