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Package Travel Directive (90/314) - Bulgaria

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Civil Procedure Code 20/07/2007 01/03/2008
Code of Civil Procedure 20/07/2007 01/03/2008
Competition Protection Act 28/11/2008 28/11/2008
Competition Protection Act 28/11/2008 01/12/2009
The Consumer Protection Act 01/03/2011 01/03/2011
Tourism Act 12/03/2013 26/03/2013
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
528/2002 S-1 Valentin Vasilev v. Commission on Consumer Protection

Article 4, 5.

Other 17/05/2002
861/2002 “Kari” v. Commission on Consumer Protection

Article 4, 5.

Other 15/07/2002
Apis 6 - Закони- ЗТ- чл. 30 , чл.80 Einzelhändler ЕТ „ М.Т.- Л.И.” und die Regionale Direktion der Verbraucherschutzkommission

Article 4, 2.

Other 27/07/2009
No 4335 .Der oekonomische Ministerium und „Tourist”GmbH

Article 7

Article 5, 2.

Other 28/03/2011
C-15207/13 link

Article 5, 1.

Article 4, 7.

Court decision in appeal 19/06/2014
C-1810/15 link

ANNEX, (g)

ANNEX, (a)

Article 4, 2., (a)

ANNEX, (b)

ANNEX, (d)

Court decision in appeal 18/05/2015
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
SUKAREVA, Z., Тема XX, Организирано туристическо пътуване с обща цена – групово или индивидуално, Потребителско право, стр. 170-178 Topic XX, Pre-arranged Group and Individual Tourism Trips at an Inclusive Price, Consumer Law, p. 170-178. SUKAREVA, Z. 2015
YONCHEVA, T., Отмяна на организирано туристическо пътуване от туроператора, Търговско и облигационно право, стр. 41-56, книга 12/2015. Cancellation of Individual Tourism Trips at an Inclusive Price by the Tour Operator, Commercial and Contractual Law Magazine, p. 41-56, issue 12/2015. YONCHEVA, T. 2015
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Other material

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