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Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive (1999/44) - Estonia

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Regulation No. Regulation No. 11 of 04.02.2016 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure "Establishment of list of directives that are sucject to termination of cross-border activities harmful to collective interests of consumers and naming of qualified authorities" 04/02/2011 01/03/2016
Consumer Protection Act 09/12/2015 01/03/2016
Requirements for the Indicaton of the Price of Goods and Services 09/02/2016 01/03/2016
Regulation No. 130 of 10 May 2004 10/05/2004 01/01/9999 legislation99_en_en.pdf
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
3-2-1-11-2010 Artur Melnitsenko v. VARIETAS Ltd

Article 3, 5.

Other 30/03/2010
3-2-1-156-11 link

Chapter 4, Article 18, 4.

Article 3, 5.

Supreme court decision 08/02/2012
2-10-27805 link

Article 2, 2., (d)

Article 1, 2., (c)

Chapter 1, Article 2, (5)

Chapter 1, Article 2, (2)

Court decision in appeal 16/03/2012
3-2-1-23-2010 Raul Heno v. Nemm Auto Ltd.

Article 2, 2.

Other 07/04/2010
3-2-1-110-08 Tuuliki Vuks versusTriton Holding Ltd.

Article 5, 3.

Other 01/12/2008
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Juridica X, 2013, pp 709-717 The relationship between price reduction and other general remedies KALAMEES, P. 2013
Juridica V 2012, pages 376-383. The applicability of the consumer sales contract provisions in the relation between a seller and a lessee who is a consumer SEIN, K. 2012
Juridica International 2013 XX, pp. 52-60. Should Price Reduction be Recognised as a Separate Contractual Remedy? KALAMEES, P., SEIN, K. 2013
Juridica International 2016 (24), pp. 63-70. Law Applicable to Consumer Contracts: Interaction of the Rome I Regulation and EU-directive-based Rules on Conflicts of Laws PIIR, R., SEIN, K. 2016
Juridica IX 2012, pages 717-722. In which cases a purchaser can withdraw from the agreement due to the deficiency of the object of the sales? Comment on the Supreme Court judgments in civil cases 3-2-1-11-01, 3-2-1-80-10 ja 3-2-1-147-11 SEIN, K. 2012
5 records found, displaying all records. Page: 1
Other material

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