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Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive (1999/44) - Finland

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Electricity Market Act 30/12/2013 13/06/2014
Decree of the Ministry of Justice on the Withdrawal Form and Withdrawal Instructions Referred to in Chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act 04/02/2014 13/06/2014
Consumer Protection Act 38/1978 01/01/9999 01/09/1978 legislation148_en_en.pdf
Act amending Chapter 2 of the Consumer Protection Act 29/08/2008 01/10/2008 Finland UCP1-EN_en.pdf
Act on Package Travel Undertakings 1080/1994 01/01/9999 01/07/1995 legislation203_en_en.pdf
Act on Cross Border Injunction Procedure 1189/2000 01/01/9999 01/01/2001 legislation208_en_en.pdf
Government decree on practices in marketing and customer relationships considered unfair to the consumer 11/09/2008 01/10/2008 Finland UCP2-EN_en.pdf
Package Travel Act 1079/1994 01/01/9999 01/07/1995 legislation201_en_en.pdf
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
S2013/409 KKO 2015:24

Article 2, 2.

Article 2, 1.

Article 2, 2., (d)

Article 3, 5.

Supreme court decision 27/03/2015
KUV/3853/41/2012 Kuluttaja-asiamiehen ratkaisu

Article 6 , 2., -


Other 08/03/2013
03/33/578 n/a

Article 5, 2.

Other 15/03/2005
175/02/M2 The Consumer Ombudsman (CO) vs. Nokia Plc. (the Company)

Article 7, 1.

Article 3, 1.

Other 04/09/2003
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Talentum Pro, 1. painos, 2015 Consumer Protection Law PELTONEN, A., MÄÄTTÄ, K. 2015
Defensor Legis 2012/4, page 566. Incorrectly about defect in the Consumer Disputes Board’s decision practice – a short commentary about the relation between the Consumer Protection Act’s defect assumption rule and the guarantee rule SANDVIK, B. 2012
Defensor Legis 1/2013, page 102 More about the defect assumption in the Consumer Disputes Board’s incorrect decision practice – reply to chairman Pauli Ståhlberg’s comment in consequence of my article SANDVIK, B. 2013
Defensor Legis 6/2012, page 895 A comment regarding Professor Björn Sandvik’s article about the so-called time assumption regulation in chapter 5 section 15 subsection 2 of the Consumer Protection Act STÅHLBERG, P. 2012
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Other material
Title Emanating from
Guidelines of the Consumer Ombudsman: Statutory liability for lack of conformity and guarantee in the sale of consumer goods Kuluttaja-asiamies (The Consumer Ombudsman)
Warranty and liability for defects Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto (the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority)
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