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Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive (1999/44) - Estonia

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Act amending the Consumer Protection Act and the Law of Obligations Act 11/10/2007 12/12/2007 Estonia UCP-EN_en.pdf
Advertising ACt 12/03/2008 01/11/2008
Advertising Act 12/03/2008 01/11/2008
Consumer Protection Act 11/02/2004 15/04/2004 legislation92_en_en.pdf
Consumer Protection Act 09/12/2015 01/03/2016
Consumer Protection Act 11/02/2004 15/04/2004
Consumer Protection Act (EN) 11/02/2004 15/02/2004
Electronic Communication Act 08/12/2005 01/01/2005 legislation105_en_en.pdf
Establishment of a Standard Withdrawal Form for Contract Relating to the Purchase of the Right to use the Building on a Timeshare Basis, Long-term Holiday Product Contract, Exchange System Contract and Agency Agreement 25/03/2011 01/04/2011
General Part of the Civil Code Act 27/03/2002 01/07/2002 legislation104_en_en.pdf
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
3-2-1-11-2010 Artur Melnitsenko v. VARIETAS Ltd

Article 3, 5.

Other 30/03/2010
3-2-1-156-11 link

Chapter 4, Article 18, 4.

Article 3, 5.

Supreme court decision 08/02/2012
2-10-27805 link

Article 2, 2., (d)

Article 1, 2., (c)

Chapter 1, Article 2, (5)

Chapter 1, Article 2, (2)

Court decision in appeal 16/03/2012
3-2-1-23-2010 Raul Heno v. Nemm Auto Ltd.

Article 2, 2.

Other 07/04/2010
3-2-1-110-08 Tuuliki Vuks versusTriton Holding Ltd.

Article 5, 3.

Other 01/12/2008
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
Juridica IX 2012, pages 717-722. In which cases a purchaser can withdraw from the agreement due to the deficiency of the object of the sales? Comment on the Supreme Court judgments in civil cases 3-2-1-11-01, 3-2-1-80-10 ja 3-2-1-147-11 SEIN, K. 2012
Juridica International 2016 (24), pp. 63-70. Law Applicable to Consumer Contracts: Interaction of the Rome I Regulation and EU-directive-based Rules on Conflicts of Laws PIIR, R., SEIN, K. 2016
Juridica International 2013 XX, pp. 52-60. Should Price Reduction be Recognised as a Separate Contractual Remedy? KALAMEES, P., SEIN, K. 2013
Juridica V 2012, pages 376-383. The applicability of the consumer sales contract provisions in the relation between a seller and a lessee who is a consumer SEIN, K. 2012
Juridica X, 2013, pp 709-717 The relationship between price reduction and other general remedies KALAMEES, P. 2013
5 records found, displaying all records. Page: 1
Other material

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