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Package Travel Directive (90/314) - Lithuania

National Law
Title Adoption date In force date PDF
Civil Code 01/01/9999 01/07/2001
Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on the Rules of Labeling of Items (Goods) Sold in the Republic of Lithuania and Indication of Prices 01/01/9999 20/06/2004 legislation229_en_en.pdf
Law on Consumer Rights Protection 01/01/9999 01/03/2007
Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on the Approval of the Rules of Sale of Goods and Provision of Services in Premises not Designated for this Activity 01/01/9999 08/02/2001
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Enforcement System

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National ID Common Name Directive Part Decision type Decision date
link 3K-3-201/2010

Article 5, 2.

Article 4, 7.

Article 3, 1.

Other 10/05/2010
3K-3-601/2013 link

Article 5, 1.

Article 5, 2.

Supreme court decision 22/11/2013
3K-3-556/2013 link

Article 5, 1.

Article 3, 2., (b)

Supreme court decision 08/11/2013
3K-3-322-686/2016 link

Article 2, 1.

Supreme court decision 23/06/2016
3K-3-659/2013 link

Article 5, 1.

Article 4, 1., (a)

Supreme court decision 10/12/2013
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Legal Literature
Reference Title Author Publication Year
AŠMENSKAS, Gintaras. Vartotojų apsaugos problemos turizmo paslaugų teikimo rinkoje. Consumer Protection Issues in the Tourism Services Market AŠMENSKAS, G. 2014
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