European Case Law Identifier (ECLI)


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As of 2018, Estonia will be able to search for case law published and in force on the basis of ECLI, European Case Law Identifier. Using the identifier, Estonian case law can be found more quickly and easily. The introduction of ECLI also supports the implementation of open data principles. The ECLI symbol is also included in the case law metadata page, which will appear in case law search results.

The ECLI identifier has been added to all Supreme Court and county and district court decisions since the second half of 2016.

The ECLI is assigned to published case law in Part II of 2016 and the number is made up of five colon-segregated components (example: ECLI:EE:RK:2016:1.16.2798.84)

ECLI – European Case Law Identifier; EE = country identifier; CoR – Court identifier; 2016 – year of disclosure; 1.16.2798.84 (e.g. 1-16-2798/4) in case number “-” and “/” are replaced by points and a check digit “.84” is added at the end.

The ECLI number can also be used as a URI and searched according to the following logic:

.../Judiciary/ecli/ECLI:EE – all decisions with ECLI identifier
.../judgments/ecli/ECLI:EE:RK:2016 – all Supreme Court rulings of 2016
.../cases/ecli/ECLI:RK:2016:1.16.2798.84 – Specific Supreme Court ruling

The characteristics of the court are as follows:

Supreme Court Tallinn
District Court TLRK
Tartu District
Court TRRK
Tallinn Administrative Court TLHK
Tartu Administrative
Court TRHK
Harju Maakohus HMK Pärnu
County Court PMK
Tartu County Court TMK
Viru County Court VMK

Last update: 17/11/2020

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