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This section helps you to find a mediator in Scotland.

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How to find a mediator in Scotland

Scottish Mediation administers the Scottish Mediation Register (SMR), which provides an independent register of mediators and mediation services who meet minimum ‘practice standards’ for mediating in Scotland. These standards are set by an independent Practice Standards committee and require minimum levels of training, experience and continuing professional development (CPD).

The 'find a mediator' page of the Scottish Mediation website offers free access to information about people who practise all kinds of mediation. The data on the page is updated by the mediators at least once a year and includes information on their training, CPD and areas of expertise.

One of the aims of the Scottish Mediation Register is to reassure people of the professional quality of the mediators they select by certifying that they meet the minimum standards. Mediators who appear on the SMR can call themselves a ‘Scottish Mediation Registered Mediator’ and use the SMR logo next to their name.

The Scottish Mediation office also administers the Scottish Mediation Helpline, which provides advice and information for people on mediation and how to access it. Through the Helpline, Scottish Mediation can also arrange mediations through a panel of mediators on the SMR or refer people to an appropriate mediation service.

Scottish Mediation also supports and promotes the process of mediation for NHS complaints in Scotland – this work is funded by the Scottish Government. Further information about mediation and how to access it can be found on the Scottish Mediation website.

The Scottish Government has also published advice on resolving disputes without going to court, including advice about mediation, on the website.

Is access to the mediators' database free of charge?

Yes, access to information about mediators is free of charge.

To search for a mediator you can do following:

Access the website by clicking on the link to the Scottish Mediation Register or type the URL into your browser and then follow the instructions to find the best mediator for you and your circumstances.

Contact Scottish Mediation via their website, by writing to them at 18 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EP, UK or telephoning them on +44 (0) 131 556 1221.

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