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European Case Law Identifier (ECLI)

Czech Republic

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Czech Republic
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National ECLI coordinator

Supreme Court (Nejvyšší soud)

Burešova 571/20, Brno - Veveří, postcode: 657 37

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 541 593 111

Fax.: +420 541 213 493

Data box: kccaa9t

e-mail: (please state ECLI as the subject)


Contact person: JUDr. Michal Malaník

Generation of national ECLI (ECLI syntax)

The ECLI identifier was introduced in the Czech Republic in April 2012 for designating judgments of the Supreme Court (Nejvyšší soud). Since March 2014 this identifier has also been used to designate judgments of the Constitutional Court (Ústavní soud). Judgments of these courts are searchable using the ECLI identifier on the court websites (Supreme Court judgments at and Constitutional Court judgments at

Country code

[CZ]: Country code for the Czech Republic.

Court codes

[NS]: Nejvyšší soud (Supreme Court of the Czech Republic).

[US]: Ústavní soud (Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic).

Example of ECLI identifier for Czech court decisions

ECLI:CZ:NS:2012:spisová značka.1

[CZ] country code (CZ for the Czech Republic);

[NS] is the code of the court that rendered the judgment (NS for the Supreme Court);

[2012] indicates the year the judgment was rendered;

[spisová značka] (case number) does not contain spaces or forward slashes; these are replaced by a dot;

number [1] is the ordinal number of a judgment with the same case number. Inclusion of the ordinal number ensures that the same ECLI identifier is not used to designate more than one judgment from one court in the same year.

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