Initial training of judges and prosecutors in the European Union




General description

Denmark offers initial training for deputy judges in training. There are 9 modules of initial training covering the various areas in the court. The training is compulsory with few exceptions. Deputy judges in training undergo a period of 3 years where they work in a court alongside completing the 9 modules and an oral exam at the end of the 3 year-period.

Access to the initial training

HR at the Danish Court Administration oversees the recruitment of deputy judges for positions throughout the country.

Format and content of the initial training

The 9 modules in the different areas of the law totals 32 days of training that is organized by the Danish Court administration. The trainers are primarily appointed judges or Court presidents. In some modules external experts are also part of the team of trainers.

Termination of the initial training and qualification process

The final exam consists of a report that the deputy judge in training must write to demonstrate knowledge and considerations regarding one’s own practice and is completed with an oral exam on the report.


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Last update: 16/06/2023

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