Court fees concerning Small Claims procedure


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The European Small Claims Procedure mainly aims to simplify and speed up cross-border small claims litigation in the European Union and cut the costs of these proceedings between Member States.

What fees are applicable?

In order to file with the court a claim which will be heard in accordance with the European Small Claims Procedure, it is necessary that court fees be paid corresponding to a (small) percentage of the amount sought by the claimant. The fees must be paid upon filing the claim.

How much shall I pay?

The relevant amount is determined by the court and is proportionate to the amount of the compensation claimed by the claimant. For example, if the claimant claims an amount of €5,000, the court fees will be approximately €65.

What happens if I don’t pay the court fees in time?

If the court fees are not paid in time, the court has discretion to (a) set a deadline for the claimant to submit the relevant proof of payment of the fees; or (b) reject the claim.

How can I pay the court fees?

Court fees are usually paid in cash at a designated payment place. Registrars may explain the payment procedure to the interested parties. It is not possible (for the time being) to pay the court fees by credit card or through a bank account.

What shall I do after the payment?

The proof of payment of the court fees supplied by the place of payment is attached to the case file together with the claim.

Last update: 16/01/2023

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