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This section provides you with an overview of Lithuania's land register.

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What does the Lithuanian land register offer?

You can find Immovable property – including land, buildings and separate premises – in the register of real property of Lithuania (Lietuvos nekilnojamojo turto registras). Both factual and legal data are available.

Factual data on property consists of the following types of information:

  • Area
  • Height
  • Volume
  • Year of construction
  • Owner name

Legal data on property includes:

  • Agreements of joint ownership
  • Court rulings
  • Easement
  • Mortgages

The register is maintained by the state enterprise centre of registers (Registrų centras) and is supervised by the Ministry of Justice.

You can find further information on the websites of the Administrator of the real property register of Lithuania (Nekilnojamojo turto registro tvarkytojas) and the real property register (Nekilnojamojo turto registras).

Is access to the land register of Lithuania free of charge?

Data on the real property register is available by payment only.

How to search the land register of Lithuania

You can search the register for the following fields:

  • The address of the property
  • Unique number of the property
  • Code of a legal person (owner)
  • Personal code of a natural person (owner). Search by the personal code of natural person (owner) is restricted.

History of the land register of Lithuania

The register itself was established in 1998, whereas data since 1958 is collected in the register.

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