Defendants (criminal proceedings)


These factsheets explain the procedure of law enforcement authorities if you are suspected of or accused of a crime.

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Summary of the criminal process

The following is a summary of the normal stages in the criminal process in the Slovak Republic.

The pre-trial process consists of the following stages:

  • steps prior to initiation of criminal prosecution;
  • pre-trial preparations (investigation).

The trial process consists of the following stages:

  • examination and preliminary hearing of the indictment;
  • main trial;
  • appeal process (ordinary appeal [odvolanie] to a higher-instance court, further appeal [dovolanie] to the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic [Najvyšší súd Slovenskej Republiky], reopening of the case);
  • enforcement process, carrying out the sentence and protective measures.

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My rights during the investigation

My rights during trial

My rights after trial

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