Bankruptcy and insolvency registers

All EU member countries have insolvency and bankruptcy registers for which you can find information. These registers are in the process of being connected and becoming searchable from a central point.

The registers record, analyse and store insolvency information and make it available to the public, albeit in different forms, depending on the country:

  • countries with dedicated registers – publish information on all stages of the insolvency proceedings and the parties to the proceedings.
  • countries using other registers – the situation is more diverse. Some only publish the name and the status of a company, others include information on all stages of the proceedings.

Information on national registers

Please select the relevant country's flag to obtain detailed national information.

One-stop search

Use the link below to search – in any official EU language – national insolvency registers for:

  • information and documents on insolvency proceedings
  • documents relating to debtors

Search national registers

The information and documents you can find in these registers should be available for free.

Currently not all EU countries are available via this service. The system of interconnection contains in a harmonised way a predefined set of information ("mandatory information") on insolvency proceedings wherever they are opened in the EU.

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Last update: 22/03/2024

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