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1. General information on mediation

In the Slovak Republic, family law mediation takes place only on the basis of voluntary participation; it is carried out by mediators who are not specialised in family law. A court is not obliged to order or recommend mediation to settle a dispute. A court may only advise parties to try mediation to settle a dispute.

2. Link to list of mediators in Slovakia

A link to the Slovak website where a list of mediators can be found is available at, where members of the Slovak Chamber of Mediators (Slovenská komora mediátorov) are listed, as well as at, where mediators are listed by the region or district in which they are located. A complete list of mediators who have completed professional training to work as mediators is available on the website of the Justice Ministry of the Slovak Republic (Ministerstvo spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky)

3. Link to website on family law mediation and mediation in general

General information on mediation is available on the website of the Slovak Chamber of Mediators:, as well as at

4. Link to Slovak legislation

Special national legislation on family law mediation has not yet been adopted. Mediation proceedings in this field — as well as in all other fields where mediation is allowed for out‑of‑court dispute resolution — take place pursuant to Act No 420/2004 on mediation and amending certain acts.

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