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This section provides you with an introduction to the Slovenian insolvency register. Information on the review and publication of Slovenian insolvency proceedings is accessible online.

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What does the Slovenian insolvency register offer?

The e-INSOLV database provides information on the review of insolvency proceedings. It also provides the following data on insolvency proceedings:

  • selected identification data on the insolvent debtor,
  • the court conducting the proceedings and the serial number of the case,
  • selected identification data on the administrator of the insolvency proceedings,
  • the start of the proceedings, the expiry of the deadline for lodging a claim and data on other procedural acts in the proceedings,
  • in the case of bankruptcy proceedings, also data on the value of the bankruptcy estate and proportions for repayments to creditors.

The e-Publications database provides access to:

  • all court orders (singular: sklep; plural: sklepi) issued in insolvency proceedings, except for orders on the collection of regular remuneration, orders on the seizure of financial assets, orders on the termination of collection of regular remuneration or of seizure of financial assets;
  • notices of the initiation of proceedings, notices fixing a hearing, and other notices or calls for a vote issued under the law by a court;
  • all minutes of hearings and meetings of the creditors’ committee;
  • administrator’s reports and attached documents;
  • in compulsory settlement proceedings, also the reports of the insolvent debtor and attached documents;
  • lists of tested claims;
  • lodgements by parties to the proceedings and other court records, whose publication is provided for;
  • in bankruptcy proceedings, also all calls for public auction and invitations to make offers in relation to the realisation of the bankruptcy estate.

In addition, a list of all administrators (seznam vseh upraviteljev) and the insolvency proceedings they are dealing with can be obtained from the e-Publications database. The lists are updated daily.

Both databases are owned and maintained by AJPES, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (Agencija Republike Slovenije za javnopravne evidence in storitve).

Is access to the Slovenian insolvency register free of charge?

Yes, access is free of charge. In order to access it, however, you must register as a user on the AJPES website and obtain a username and password.

How to search the Slovenian insolvency records

Both databases, including the search engines, are only available in Slovenian. It is possible to search for data and documents on insolvency proceedings concerning legal persons and sole traders using all the search criteria available, whereas in the case of searches for data and documents on consumers (natural persons who are not sole traders) only certain combinations of data may be used, in order to protect personal information.

Thee-Publications database allows you to search for documents published in connection with insolvency proceedings. Published documents can be searched by:

  • Debtor type (legal person, natural person, etc.),
  • Proceeding type (bankruptcy, compulsory settlement, etc.),
  • Document type,
  • Debtor (search by company name, tax number or identification number),
  • Legal form (public limited company, private limited company, etc.)
  • Serial number,
  • Court,
  • Date of the act or of the publication of the document.
    Search results are arranged by date of publication.

In e-INSOLV it is possible to search for data on insolvency proceedings by:

  • Serial number,
  • Debtor (first name and family name or company name, identification number, address, date of birth)

History of the Slovenian insolvency register

Data in the register has been available since 1 October 2008. Before that, some information, such as public notices of the beginning of insolvency proceedings, was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (Uradni list Republike Slovenije; UL RS).

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