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National ECLI coordinator

The national ECLI coordinator for Slovenia is:

Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Registry Department,

Tavčarjeva 9,

SI-1000 Ljubljana


Contact email:

Contact person: Gregor Strojin

Country code

The country code for Slovenia is: [SI]

Generation of national ECLI

On 1 October 2011, Slovenia introduced an ECLI as an integral part of all existing documents published in the case law databases of its courts. All new documents which are entered into case-law databases also receive an ECLI. An ECLI will also be included in all new judicial decisions in the near future.

All ECLIs are created automatically on the basis of the existing data.

All known private publishers of case law documents have been informed about the ECLI, and most of them have already assigned an ECLI to published documents.

Court codes:

VSRS: Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia (Vrhovno sodišče Republike Slovenije)

USRS: Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia (Ustavno sodišče Republike Slovenije)

VSCE: Higher Court in Celje (Višje sodišče v Celju)

VSKP: Higher Court in Koper (Višje sodišče v Kopru)

VSLJ: Higher Court in Ljubljana (Višje sodišče v Ljubljani)

VSMB: Higher Court in Maribor (Višje sodišče v Mariboru)

UPRS: Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia (Upravno sodišče Republike Slovenije)

VDSS: Higher Labour and Social Court (Višje delovno in socialno sodišče)

Note: Court codes consist of four letters. The list of participating courts currently only applies to appellate courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, whose decisions are already published in national case law databases. Other courts and institutions will be added in the near future.

Year of decision:

The year in which the decision was issued is used (YYYY entry).

Reference number:

The regular ordinal number (hereinafter: RON), e.g. II Ips 123/2005) of a particular court (datafield: Odločba (=decision)) is used as the basis for the formation of the ECLI ordinal number (hereinafter: EON).

Other words (e.g. Sodba, Sklep, etc.) which may be part of the field Odločba are not considered part of RON and are to be omitted/deleted in the formation of EON.

The year, which is a part of RON, remains part of the new EON.

As regular ordinal numbers include signs such as dashes, slashes or empty spaces, each one of these is to be replaced by a period sign within the ECLI format (e.g. II Ips 123/2005 becomes II.Ips.123.2005; I K 123456/2010 becomes I.K.123456.2010, etc.).

The general rules for EON are subject to the exceptions defined in special cases below.

Special cases:

A: Where one joint decision lists two or more RONs, only the first RON is used for the formation of the ECLI. ‘.A’ is to be added at the end of EON in such cases. Other RONs can be accessed through document metadata.

Sodba II Ips 49/2008 and II Ips 28/2011

then the ECLI is:

B: Where a decision uses only one RON which is similar to a number of other decisions with different RONs, the others have not been added to the case law databases. The first RON is used for the creation of the ECLI, and the others are mentioned as ‘same as’ in the metadata. The remaining RONs are used to create ECLIs which are listed in the database as relating to similar decisions.

Sodba VIII Ips 432/2009, same as VIII Ips 50/2009 and VIII Ips 448/2009, VIII Ips 28/2009

then ECLI is:

same as:

Users searching for any of these ECLIs will be directed to the same document.


C: In the past there were instances where RON of the same court could be duplicated, because the institution operated at different branches and did not have a centralized case management system (e.g. UPRS). The exact branch is identified in the metadata of a document. In such cases a ‘.letter’ combination representing the branch is to be added at the end of EON, based on the following classification:

Celje: .C

Ljubljana: .L

Nova Gorica: .G

Maribor: .M

D: Some penal (criminal law) documents in the SOVS database of the Supreme Court use two RONs in the field ‘Odločba’. The first uses the ordinal number (in the form -NN), while the other is included in brackets ( ). The reason for this is a double registration of cases during a transition phase for the introduction of a computerised criminal case management system.

In these cases only the first RON is used for the creation of the ECLI, to which the ordinal number of the case is added after the year. The other RON mentioned in brackets is discarded and does not form part of the ECLI.

Sodba I Ips 3248/2009-39 (I Ips 10/2010)

then the ECLI is:

E: In some cases several documents of the same court use the same RON, for example interim measures and final decisions. In these cases, a number is added for the purpose of EON creation. The first decision (according to date of issue) does not have a numerical addendum. The next one receives addendum ‘.1’, the subsequent one ‘.2’, etc. Addenda are assigned automatically based on the date when the document was issued.

Sklep G 6/2011 (note: duplicated in a number of documents)

then the ECLIs are:


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