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Article 29(1)(a) - Courts with jurisdiction

The following entities have jurisdiction: all courts of first instance of the Republic of Cyprus operating in the four administrative districts controlled by the legal State of the Republic of Cyprus, i.e. Nicosia, Lemesos, Larnaca‑Amohostos and Paphos. The jurisdiction of judges is determined by the Courts Act (14/60) and corresponds to the hierarchical position of the judge, i.e. District Judge, Senior District Judge and President of a District Court.

Article 29(1)(b) - Review procedure

The review procedure is provided for by the Civil Litigation Procedural Regulations. The procedure is based mainly on written submissions made by those involved in a dispute. In exceptional cases, and whenever the Court deems it necessary, oral testimony can also be taken in addition to written submissions and sworn statements. The competent courts are those given in (a) above.

Article 29(1)(c) - Means of communication

The means of communication accepted for the purposes of the European order for payment procedure and available to the courts are: lodging an application in the register personally, or sending it by post or by any other means of communication, such as fax or e-mail.

Article 29(1)(d) - Accepted languages

The accepted language of the courts is Greek. However, for the purposes of the Regulation, English, which is also used in Cyprus, is added.

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