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On which website(s) are official announcements published?

Which types of announcements are published?

The following types of announcements are published on the website:

  • Reports
  • Expert opinions
  • Opinions
  • Evaluations
  • Circulars
  • Guidelines
  • Texts for consultation
  • Statutes
  • Statistics
  • Handbooks
  • Vacancy notices
  • Publication of appointments

The following announcements are published on the (Ediktsdatei – ‘Edict file’) website:

  • Insolvency cases (bankruptcies, reorganisations, debt settlements)
  • European restructuring procedure
  • Manifest inability to pay
  • Sales and leases in insolvency proceedings
  • Auctions ordered by the court
  • Property
  • Moveable assets
  • Sale of goods by private contract pursuant to Section 268(2) of the Enforcement Code
  • Judicial receivership
  • Voluntary auctions
  • Buildings subject to a non-possessory pledge which are constructed on third-party land
  • Edicts and announcements in criminal proceedings
  • Announcements by the criminal courts
  • Criminal recovery procedure
  • Service notifications in criminal proceedings
  • Termination of investigations
  • Public notices
  • Court-appointed administrators and service by public announcement
  • Cancellation of securities
  • Death certificates / proof of cause of death
  • Edicts in probate proceedings
  • Edicts under the Custody and Sequestration Act (Verwahrungs- und Einziehungsgesetz)
  • Residents’ representation under Section 8 of the Residential Care Act (Heimaufenthaltsgesetz)
  • Patients’ advocates under Section 13 of the Institutional Confinement Act (Unterbringungsgesetz)
  • Service by public announcement to legal persons
  • Service by public announcement by the Commercial Courts (Firmenbuchgerichte)
  • Announcements by the Commercial Courts
  • Edicts by Land Registry Courts (Grundbuchsgerichte)
  • Decisions of the Restrictive Practices Court (Kartellgericht)
  • Austrian Justice Publications (Kundmachungen der Justiz)
  • Publications by companies

From which organisation(s) are announcements published?

By the Federal Ministry of Justice (Bundesministerium für Justiz)

By courts, public prosecutors, lawyers and notaries

Is access to official announcements free of charge?


What types of searches can be made?

The website of the Ministry of Justice (Homepage der Justiz) offers a simple word search which checks all documents on the website.

All categories on the Ediktsdatei website provide the option of a word search. In addition, for several categories of announcements users can search by file number. For auctions a search by object is also available. These are just some examples of search types as there is such a wide variety of search options across the various categories.

As of which date were the official announcements available in electronic format?

The website of the Ministry of Justice (Homepage der Justiz) and the Ediktsdatei website have been online since 2000.

Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?


Are official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?

The announcements on the Ediktsdatei website are freely available and can also be reprocessed as HTML files (there is no copy protection). A licence can also be obtained under the 2022 Reuse of Public Information Act (Informationsweiterverwendungsgesetz 2022 – IWG) – link here. However, the data are currently unavailable in open data format.

The publications on relate predominantly to existing documents in PDF format. There are some MS Word documents, although this is rare. All publications are rendered as freely available HTML pages as part of the WCMS (web content management system). The documents are available for download as attachments on the HTML pages.

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