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Which authority will help me send a claim to another EU country?

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Rochusstraße 1
53123 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 99527 0
Fax: +49 228 99527 4134

Email: dub@bmas.bund.de

Further information can be found here:

Anspruch auf Entschädigung bei Gewalttaten im europäischen Ausland

Compensation for victims of violent crimes committed in another EU Member State

What is the role of the points of contact?

The German assisting authority at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs helps victims of violent crime who are resident in Germany to claim compensation in the European Member State in which the crime was committed.

Its role includes in particular:

  • providing the victims of violent crime with information on the options available to them in terms of applying for compensation abroad (including information about the procedure in that country, time limits for submitting a claim, eligibility conditions, and supporting documents that should be enclosed with the claim);
  • making available the claim forms of the Member States where the crime was committed;
  • finding out which authority is responsible for reaching a decision on the claim for compensation in the Member State where the crime was committed;
  • transmitting the claim for compensation and any supporting documentation to the deciding authority;
  • translating documents and correspondence into the relevant local language free of charge;
  • following the development of the compensation procedure and keeping those concerned up-to-date.

The EU Member States decide on a claim solely on the basis of their national law. The German assisting authority cannot influence the procedure in the other Member State or the decision.

Will this authority translate the supporting documents, if the outgoing claim needs this? If so, who pays for this?

You may send the necessary documents in your national language. They will be translated for you free of charge.

Are there administrative or other charges to be paid when the claim is sent abroad?

The German authorities do not charge any fees. Other EU Member States may require a fee to be paid before your claim is processed.

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