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This section provides you with an overview of the Finnish land register.

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What does the Finnish land register offer?

The Finnish land register is owned and maintained by the National Land Survey.

The register focuses both on the legal circumstances of a property, such as the legal regime, and on the factual circumstances, such as the property owner's name. The National Land Information System contains all the information entered in the Finnish cadastral register and the land register, which records titles, mortgages and other encumbrances.

Cadastral map data is provided by the National Land Survey of Finland, and 86 municipalities maintain cadastral map registers for the areas covered by their town plans. Maintaining the land register will be the responsibility of the district courts until 31st December 2009 and, from 1st January 2010, of the National Land Survey of Finland. The system is used by all who need up-to-date cadastral data on a regular basis, such as banks, various authorities, real estate agents and notaries.

Is access to Finnish land register free of charge?

No, access is not free.

How to search the Finnish land register

Searches available

Search by map, by register unit identifier or name, address, administrative unit (municipal, suburb/village) and enterprise identifier.

Information available

You can find information on the:

  • Ownership
  • Title
  • Mortgages and encumbrances,
  • Leasehold
  • Easements
  • Land survey information.

Attributed data of register unit, registered owner and owner’s address, and possible restrictions of tenure as well as owners of registered part transfers; mortgages, easements and encumbrances on registered unit, registered leasehold.

Products available

  • Excerpt of cadastre
  • Title certificate
  • Certificate of mortgages and encumbrances
  • Certificate of a leasehold
  • Excerpt of transfer of part and different printouts of maps.

Information is provided on how users can search the register (e.g. property address).

History of the Finnish land register

The register has been maintained since 1700.

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