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Bankruptcy and insolvency registers


This section provides information on registers concerning cases of insolvency in Belgium.

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What is the situation regarding insolvency registers in Belgium?

There is no central national insolvency register in Belgium. However, there are various authorities that gather information about businesses and individuals.

  • As regards businesses and natural persons conducting business activities, the Belgian company database (Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises – BCE) is a register that shows all the identifying data concerning businesses and natural persons conducting business activities, as well as their legal situation (notably bankruptcy). Information about the legal situation of businesses is not currently available to the public. However, bankruptcy and judicial reorganisation judgments are published in the Belgian Official Gazette, which is available online.
  • As regards individuals, Belgium has a database that centralises certain information relating to over-indebted persons who have chosen to initiate collective debt settlement proceedings. This database is set up at the National Bank of Belgium but is not public.

Is consultation of insolvency registers in Belgium a paid-for service?

No, there are no charges to access the database of the Belgian Official Gazette.

How to search an insolvency register in Belgium

You can search for bankruptcy or judicial reorganisation judgments in the Belgian Official Gazette.

Period covered by insolvency registers in Belgium

In the Belgian Official Gazette, references to businesses are available from 1 January 1983, with a link to publications dating after 1 June 1997.

Documents published by associations after 1 July 2003 are also available in the Belgian Official Gazette.

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