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This section tells you how to find a mediator in Bulgaria.

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How to find a mediator in Bulgaria

The Ministry of Justice maintains the Unified Register of Mediators.

The Register contains the following data:

  • Personal information about the individuals registered as mediators – education, languages spoken and additional qualifications in the field of mediation
  • Contact information of the mediator – office address, telephone and e-mail

In addition to this, the Ministry of Justice maintains a register of the organisations that have been approved to provide training for mediators.

Entries in the register are based on regulations of:

  • The Law of Mediation
  • Regulation No 2 of 15th March 2007 (issued by the Minister of Justice) sets out the conditions and process of approving organisations that provide training for mediators; the requirements for training; the procedure for entering, striking off and deleting mediators from the Unified Register and the procedural and ethical rules for the conduct of mediators.

Is access to the Bulgarian mediators' register free of charge?

You can access the Bulgarian unified register of mediators free of charge from the website of the Ministry of Justice. Individuals and organisations that wish to be listed in the register of organisations providing training in mediation skills have to pay a fee.

How to search for a mediator in Bulgaria?

On the Ministry of Justice’s website, you can find a complete list of persons trained and authorised to conduct mediation in the Republic of Bulgaria. You can search for mediators by residence and area of mediation (e.g. commercial, business or family mediation).

Contact information is available, including telephone number and e-mail. You can contact officials of the register of mediators to receive any additional information you need.

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