Matters of matrimonial property regimes


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Article 64(1) (a) - the courts or authorities with competence to deal with applications for a declaration of enforceability in accordance with Article 44(1) and with appeals against decisions on such applications in accordance with Article 49(2)

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The application for a declaration of enforceability of a judgment or other act issued in another EU Member State is lodged with the provincial court. (Article 623(1) of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Article 64(1) (b) - the procedures to contest the decision given on appeal referred to in Article 50

The decision is subject to appeal before the Sofia Court of Appeal. Further appeals against decisions of the Sofia Court of Appeal are to be lodged with the Supreme Court of Cassation. (Article 623(6) of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Article 65 (1) - the list of the other authorities and legal professionals referred to in Article 3(2)

Not applicable.

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