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European cross-border procedures - European payment order

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Article 29(1)(a) - Courts with jurisdiction

Applications for a European order for payment to be issued must be submitted to the provincial court with jurisdiction over the permanent address or registered address of the debtor, or over the place of enforcement. (Article 625(1) of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Where it is possible for the case to be contested, the respondent may challenge the territorial jurisdiction, but must do so no later than when the opposition to the motion is filed. (Article 625(2) of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Article 29(1)(b) - Review procedure

This procedure is governed by Article 626a of the Code of Civil Procedure:

Article 626а (1) The respondent may apply for a review of a European order for payment under the terms and procedure laid down in Article 20 of Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 before the respective court of appeal.

(2) The application for a review is submitted within 30 days from the day the respondent was effectively acquainted with the contents of the order or after the circumstances referred to in Article 20(1)(b) of the Regulation no longer pertain.

(3) The court sends a copy of the application to the other party which may reply within one week from receipt thereof.

(4) The application is examined in camera. If the court deems it appropriate, it may examine the application in an open session.

(5) The court’s decision cannot be appealed.

Article 29(1)(c) - Means of communication

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Communications relating to a European order for payment are served by an officer of the court, by post or through a courier service as registered letters with acknowledgement of receipt. Where there is no judicial instance at the place of service, service may be performed by the municipality or mayoralty. (Article 42(1) of the Code of Civil Procedure)

Article 29(1)(d) - Accepted languages

The Republic of Bulgaria accepts European orders for payment accompanied by a translation into Bulgarian.

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