European Case Law Identifier (ECLI)


Finland will use the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in all case law databases in Finlex, the national legal databank.

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National ECLI coordinator

The national ECLI coordinator is Aki Hietanen at the Finnish Ministry of Justice. E-mail address:

Country code

The country code for Finland is [FI].

Generation of the national ECLI

Finland will use the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in all case law databases in Finlex, the national legal databank. Use of the identifier was initially tested on the case law databases of the Finnish Supreme Court (korkein oikeus) and the Supreme Administrative Court (korkein hallinto-oikeus). The identifier will also be used in the databases of the Courts of Appeal (hovioikeudet), the administrative courts (hallinto-oikeudet) and the special courts (erityistuomioistuimet). In 2017, metadata in the judgments will be enriched with ECLI metadata. Metadata from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative are already being used in Finlex’s case law databases.

The ECLI is also used in Finlex’s case law literature database, which contains references to court decisions from Finnish legal literature since 1926. Case law consists of judgments of, among others, the Finnish Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Courts of Appeal, the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Generation of the national ECLI

Supreme Court: ECLI:FI:KKO:2017:21

Supreme Administrative Court: ECLI:FI:KKO:2017:63

- for case summaries: ECLI:FI:KHO:2010:T3764

Courts of Appeal:

  • Helsinki Court of Appeal (Helsingin hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:HELHO:2011:5
  • Eastern Finland Court of Appeal (Itä-Suomen hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:ISHO:2011:4
  • Kouvola Court of Appeal (Kouvolan hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:KOUHO:2009:3
  • Rovaniemi Court of Appeal (Rovaniemen hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:RHO:2010:8
  • Turku Court of Appeal (Turun hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:THO:2011:2
  • Vaasa Court of Appeal (Vaasan hovioikeus) – ECLI:FI:VHO:2011:7

Administrative courts:

  • Helsinki Administrative Court (Helsingin hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:HELHAO:2011:11.0378.255
  • Hämeenlinna Administrative Court (Hämeenlinnan hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:HAMHAO:2011:11.0378.255
  • Kouvola Administrative Court (Kouvolan hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:KOUHAO:2011:11.0379.25
  • Kuopio Administrative Court (Kuopion hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:KUOHAO:2011:11.0377.25
  • Oulu Administrative Court (Oulun hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:OULHAO:2011:11.0375.25
  • Rovaniemi Administrative Court (Rovaniemen hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:ROVHAO:2011:11.0373.25
  • Turku Administrative Court (Turun hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:TURHAO:2011:11.0293.15
  • Vaasa Administrative Court (Vaasan hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:VAAHAO:2011:11.0371.25
  • Åland Islands Administrative Court (Ahvenanmaan hallinto-oikeus) – ECLI:FI:AALHAO:2011:11.0372.25

Insurance Court (Vakuutusoikeus) – ECLI:FI:VAKO:2016:3003

Labour Court (Työtuomioistuin) – ECLI:FI:TT:2016:128

Market Court (Markkinaoikeus) – ECLI:FI:MAO:2010:595

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