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Legal translators/interpreters


Malta now possesses a legal translators' and interpreters' database.

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In criminal cases, a list of interpreters/translators is available to members of the judiciary and court personnel. This list is retained and maintained by the Criminal Court Registry. Recently this list has been added to the Court Services available online in preparation for the coming into force of the Directive on the Right to Legal Interpretation and Translation in Criminal Matters - In criminal cases when the services of an interpreter or of a translator are required, he or she is appointed by a magistrate. This list does not preclude a magistrate from ignoring the same list and appointing any other person he/she considers suitable to perform interpretation or translation duties. This person's name would subsequently be added to the said list. For further information, please write to the Criminal Court Registrar, Courts of Justice, Valletta, Malta.

In civil cases, the parties may appoint a translator or interpreter of their choice, and the cost of doing so is borne by the party who requires these services. The court administration has no involvement in this process. However, the civil courts may make use of the list available to the criminal courts, which list is now accessible to the public as explained here-above.

Malta’s informal list of translators and interpreters is also contained in the Courts’ Legal Case Management (LECAM) IT system, which system is generally for the sole use of court personnel and members of the legal profession although the public may access the LECAM system in respect of civil cases through the computers maintained at the court registries.

Additions to the experts' list are made by court officers authorised to maintain this database. Entries for individual experts are linked to the court case in respect of which they have been appointed to offer their professional services.

Last update: 04/05/2021

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