This section helps you to find a mediator in Poland.

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How to find a mediator in Poland

Lists or registers of institutions and persons authorised to conduct mediation proceedings are kept by regional courts and can be found on their websites. Mediators, including persons from lists drawn up by non-governmental organisations (in accordance with their statutory tasks) and educational establishments, are added to and removed from the lists by the president of the regional court with jurisdiction.

As a rule, mediators specialise in specific types of mediation: civil mediation (commercial mediation, family mediation, employment law, etc.), mediation in criminal matters or in cases involving minors.

Among mediators in civil matters there are permanent mediators who have been added to the list maintained by the president of the regional court with jurisdiction.

Due to the legal arrangements in place, there is no single centrally kept register of mediators.

Basic information on rules, procedures and practical aspects of the mediation arrangements in Poland can be found on the Mediation page of the website of the Ministry of Justice.

Is access to the lists of mediators free of charge?

Yes, access to the lists of mediators is free of charge.

How to find a mediator in Poland

You should use the lists of mediators drawn up by regional court presidents, or use the services of mediation centres or individual mediators. Information and contact details can usually be found on the website of the competent courts, centres or mediators.

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