This page tells you how to find a mediator in Portugal.

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Conflict mediators working in one of the public mediation services or in small claims courts (julgados de paz – justices of the peace) must be enrolled on the lists of professionals authorised to practise mediation. Enrolment on the lists is governed by Ministerial Implementing Order (Portaria) No 282/2010 of 25 May 2010 and Ministerial Implementing Order No 283/2010 of 19 October 2010.

The Directorate-General for Justice Policy (Direção-Geral da Política de Justiça – DGPJ), which comes under the Ministry of Justice, is responsible for regulating public mediation. Although the DGPJ does not provide information on how to find a mediator, it does publish the above-mentioned lists of mediators, which can be consulted here:

List of family mediators

List of employment mediators

List of criminal mediators

List of mediators in the Julgados de Paz

Last update: 18/07/2023

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