Find a Notary

1. Overview

“Find a notary” is a service provided to the general public by the European Commission, the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE asbl), and other participating national chambers of notariats. The Commission has made this service available to facilitate access to justice in a cross-border context by allowing EU citizens and legal practitioners to easily locate a notary throughout the EU.

2. Terms and Conditions

By using this service you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

You agree to use this service exclusively for its intended purpose – to find a legal professional (notary) in order to seek his or her services or for taking professional peer contact. You shall not use the service, or any personal data returned by the service, for any other intent or purpose, and in particular in relation to carrying out commercial, marketing or advertising activities.

You are not allowed to copy in an automated fashion (harvest), and/or distribute the data received through the “Find a notary” service via any means. You are allowed to link to the European e-Justice Portal and its pages.

In addition to these Terms, the Terms and the privacy disclaimer applicable to the European e-Justice Portal fully apply. You may consult them here.

The European Commission may revise these Terms at any time without prior notice and you should always refer to the current version of these Terms as published on this web site.

The applicable law is Belgian law and the Belgian courts are competent in case of dispute.

3. Limitation of Liability

This service is provided “as is” and on “best effort” basis. The European Commission, the CNUE and the participating national chambers of notariats disclaim any and all liability, either explicit or implied. In particular we cannot guarantee the up-to-date state of the data, its correctness or ensure uninterrupted service availability.

4. Use of cookies

We use cookies with the sole purpose of providing you with an enjoyable user experience. We do not store any personal data in these cookies, nor do we share them with third parties.

5. FAQ

Question: Where does the data come from?
Answer: The data on notaries is derived from the registers of the participating national chambers of notariats as provided by the CNUE and other competent bodies.

Question: Is the search in real-time?
Answer: Yes, the search is in real-time.

Question: Why can’t I search in all EU member states?
Answer: In some EU Member States a notary profession does not exist. We are currently working towards the interconnection of the registers in the UK and Ireland where the profession of notaries public exists.

Question: I am experiencing a technical difficulty / the service is not available, can you please fix it?
Answer: We cannot ensure the 24/7 availability of the service or its availability. Should you experience systematic service unavailability or another technical issue you may notify us and the Commission will do its best to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Question: I am a notary registered in a participating organisation and the service does not return a result on me / the information is wrong / I want to be removed. Whom shall I contact?
Answer: Please take contact with your relevant chamber of registration. The Commission does not have access nor can modify in any way the notariats’ data. You will find contact information below.

Question: I have another question, whom can I contact?
Answer: Please see below.

6. Contact information

The European e-Justice Portal and the “Find a notary” service are managed by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Justice, Unit B.3. The responsible person (data controller) is Cristian NICOLAU, Head of Unit.

For general inquiries, to report a technical problem or raise an idea you may contact the European Commission via mail or e-mail at:

European Commission

Unit B3
B-1049 Brussels

If you would like to file a complaint against any data processing act executed under the Commission's responsibility you may contact the European Data Protection Supervisor:

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)
60 Rue Wiertz (MO 63)
B-1047 Brussels
phone: +32 2 283 19 00
fax: +32 2 283 19 50

Contact information on the participating data providers can be found below. If you have an issue or questions, concerning the data returned by the “Find a notary” service you should contact the responsible notariat directly. This also applies if you have particular requests or concerns regarding their processing of your personal data.


La Fédération Royale du Notariat Belge (F.R.N.B)
Rue de la Montagne 30-32
B-1000 Bruxelles
Tel: +32.2 506 46 30


Chambre des notaires de Bulgarie
46-48 Rue Opalchenska
1000 Sofia – Bulgarie
Tel: +359.2 980 99 32
Fax: +359.2 986 77 35

Czech Republic:

La Chambre des Notaires de la République Tchèque
Apolinářská 12, 12800 Praha 2, République Tchèque
Tel: +420 224 921 258


The German Federal Chamber of Notaries
Mohrenstrasse 34
D-10117 Berlin
Tel: +49.30 38 38 66 0
Fax: +49.30 38 38 66 66


The Estonian Chamber of Notaries
Kopli 31
10412 Tallinn – Estonia
Tel: +372 617 39 00


The Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland
109 Ranelagh,
Dublin 6,
D06 KV81,
Tel: 00 353 1 497 3548
Fax: 00 353 1 496 4769


Le Conseil National du Notariat Hellénique
4 Rue Georgiou Gennadiou
GR-10678 Athènes
Tel: +30.210 33 07 456 – 33 07 464


ANCERT-Agencia Notarial de Certificatión C/O Consejo General del Notariado Español
P° del General Martínez Campos 46, 6°
28010 Madrid, España
Tel: +34.913 087 232
Fax: +34.
913 087 053


Le Conseil supérieur du Notariat
60 Bd de la Tour Maubourg
75007 Paris- France


Croatian Notaries Chamber
Radnička cesta 34/II
HR 10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385.1 45 56 566


Le Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato
Via Flaminia 160, I - 00196 Rome – Italie
Tel: +39 06362091
Email: -


The Council of Sworn Notaries of Latvia
20-8 Kr.Valdemara Str.,LV-1010 Riga
Tel: +371.6 721 89 55


The Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries
Olimpiečių str. 4, LT- 09237 Vilnius
Tel: +370 52 614 757


The Hungarian Chamber Of Civil Law notaries
1026 Budapest - Pasaréti út 16 – Hongrie
Tel: 0036.1 489 48 80


The Notarial Council of Malta
91 Tarxien Road, Paola TXN 1091
Tel: +356.21 80 65 55


The Royal Netherlands Notarial Organisation (KNB)
Spui 184, 2511 BW Den Haag, Netherlands
Tel: +31.703307111


The Austrian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries
Landesgerichtsstrasse 20
A-1010 Wien
Tel: +43.1 402 45 09 0


La Chambre des Notaires Du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
53 Bd Joseph II
L-1840 Luxembourg
Tel: 00352.44 70 21


Ordem dos Notários
Travessa da Trindade, nº 16 – 2.º C
1200-469 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: +351 21 346 81 76


Krajowa Rada Notarialna / Polish National Council of Notaries
ul. Dzika 19/23
00-172 Warszawa
Tel: +22 635 78 40, +22 635 07 83


The National Union of Civil Law Notaries of Romania
Str. General Berthelor, nr.41, secotr 1, 010164 Bucharest
Tel: +40 21 3117307


Notarska Zbornica Slovenije
Tavčarjeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana – Slovenie
Tel: +386.(0)1 439 25 70


La Chambre des Notaires de la République Slovaque
Krasovského 13, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovaquie
Tel: +412.2 555 74 519

Last update: 01/01/2021

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