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I am a victim of crime – who do I contact for support and assistance?

  1. Estonian National Social Insurance Board’s Victim Support Department
  2. Women’s support centres
  3. Police and Border Guard Board

Victim support hotline

  1. Victim support hotline: 6121360 or 16106 (calls are taken Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00).
  2. Children’s support hotline: 16111 (for reporting children who need help; calls are taken 24 h, every day).

Is victim support free?

Yes, the victim support services are free.

What types of support can I receive from state services or authorities?

The state victim support services cover the following:

  1. counselling victims;
  2. assisting victims in communicating with state and local government authorities and legal persons;
  3. ensuring safe accommodation;
  4. ensuring catering;
  5. ensuring access to necessary health services;
  6. providing necessary material assistance;
  7. providing necessary psychological assistance;
  8. arranging translation and interpretation services necessary for receiving victim support services;
  9. providing other services necessary for the physical and psycho-social rehabilitation of victims.

What types of support can I receive from non-governmental organisations?

State victim support service providers can direct you to suitable non-governmental organisations.

Women’s refuges

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