Property consequences of registered partnerships

National rules relating to the division of the property of civil partnerships for couples that have an international element to their relationship, in cases of dissolution of the partnership or death

European Union citizens increasingly move across national borders to study, work or start a family in another EU country. This leads to an increased number of international couples, whether in a marriage or a registered partnership.

International couples are couples whose members have different nationalities, live in an EU country other than their own or own property in different countries. International couples, whether in a marriage or in a registered partnership, need to manage their property and, in particular, share it in case of divorce/separation or the death of one of the members.

EU rules help international couples in these situations. These rules apply in 18 EU countries: Sweden, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland and Cyprus.

These rules determine which EU country’s courts should deal with matters concerning the property of an international couple and which law should apply to resolve these matters. The rules also simplify how judgments or notarial documents originating in one EU country should be recognised and enforced in another EU country.

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Should you need additional information, please contact the authorities or a legal professional of the EU country concerned.

You can also consult the website of the Council of Notariats of the European Union.

Last update: 30/05/2023

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