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Business registers in Member States - Latvia

This section provides you with an overview of Latvia’s business register.

What does the Latvian business register offer?

Link opens in new windowThe Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (Latvijas Republikas Uzņēmumu reģistrs) is a Latvian public body which registers companies, traders, their branches and representative offices and changes in their founding documents, and carries out other activities provided for in legislation. The Register of Enterprises also registers mass media undertakings, associations and foundations, commercial pledges, controlling interests, public-private partnership agreements and matrimonial property agreements, political parties, arbitration bodies, trade unions, religious organisations and religious institutions, and insolvency proceedings.

Do you have to pay to consult the business register?

Yes, there is no free online business register in Latvia.

However, using the search functions available on Link opens in new windowthe website of the Register of Enterprises the following basic information can be obtained free of charge on legal entities entered in the registers of the Register of Enterprises:

  • type of legal entity;
  • registered office;
  • new or current name or trade name and previously registered or historical name or trade name;
  • registration number;
  • Single Euro Payment Area beneficiary identification code (if allocated);
  • date of registration;
  • date of deletion of the legal entity from the register (or the date of reorganisation if the reason for the deletion is reorganisation);
  • deadline for registration of religious organisations that are subject to re-registration;
  • authorised representatives.

The Latvian Register of Enterprises offers the possibility of obtaining the following information about all registered legal entities free of charge as open data:

  • registration number;
  • name or trade name of the entity;
  • type of legal entity;
  • which register the entity is registered in;
  • date of registration;
  • information regarding deletion of the legal entity from the register or its reorganisation;
  • date of deletion of the legal entity from the register (or the date of reorganisation if the reason for the deletion is reorganisation);
  • registered office;
  • area of activity of associations, foundations, and trade unions.

This information is provided in .csv, .txt or .xlsx data formats and it Link opens in new windowcan be accessed here. The user can choose the data format in accordance with its intended use. Data are updated on a daily basis.

All the entries in the business register are published electronically on the Link opens in new windowwebsite of the official gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis. The same procedure applies to the publication of documents submitted separately.

How to request information from the Latvian business register

The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia provides information on all registered legal entities and legal facts.

Information can be obtained from the Register of Enterprises on payment of a fee, by submitting Link opens in new windowan information request form in person, by post, or to the Register’s official email address Link opens in new as an electronic document with a secure electronic signature and digital time stamp. The request must give details of the payment made to the Register of Enterprises (a document certifying payment, a copy of such a document, or an online banking printout). When requesting information, please indicate your preferred means of receipt (in person, by post or electronically).

A statement on a legal entity or natural person, or a legal act (contract) can also be requested online at Link opens in new The information will be prepared within 10-15 minutes. Following processing of the request, an official statement containing an e-seal is delivered via the website or to the client’s email address. The e-seal certifies the reliability of the data and its conformity with the information entered in the registers kept by the Register of Enterprises.

Link opens in new windowA list of fees can be found on the internet.

How reliable are the documents included in the register?

All the entries in the business register are published in the official gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis and electronically on the Link opens in new windowofficial gazette’s website. The same procedure applies to the publication of documents submitted separately.

Entries in the business register can be relied upon against third parties only after their publication in the official gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis, unless the relevant information was known to the third party before publication. However, if a third party can show that they were not aware and could not have been aware of published information, that information cannot be relied upon in respect of legal action taken within 15 days of publication.

If the information to be entered in the business register is recorded or published incorrectly, a third party in good faith may rely on the published information even if it does not correspond to the entries in the business register or to the actual state of affairs. But a third party may not rely on information which has been published incorrectly if the third party was aware of the inaccuracy.

For more detailed information please see Link opens in new windowArticle 12 of the Commercial Law (Komerclikums) (a Link opens in new windowtranslation into English is also available).

How to contact the Latvian business register

Contact details:

Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia
Pērses iela 2
LV 1011
Telephone information line: 67031703 (Please note that legal advice is not provided)
Fax: 67031793
E-mail: Link opens in new

Link opens in new windowOpening hours can be found online.

History of the Latvian business register

The Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia was founded on 1 December 1990.


Link opens in new windowRegister of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia

Link opens in new windowEuropean Business Register (access provided by Lursoft)

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