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Court fees concerning European Payment Order procedure - Germany


What fees are applicable?

How much shall I pay?

What happens if I do not pay the court fees on time?

How can I pay the court fees?

What shall I do after the payment?


Court fees for the European Payment Order Procedure are governed by the “Court Fees Act” (Gerichtskostengesetz – GKG)

Court fees can be paid either upon application or by paying a court fees invoice. Technically speaking, payment is made via bank transfer.

What fees are applicable?

§ 12(3) and (4) of the Court Fees Act provides that the European Payment Order is to be issued only after payment of the designated fee.

The precise fees are specified in an annex to the Court Fees Act (Cost index [Kostenverzeichnis – KV-GKG)]). Number 1100 KV-GKG provides for a fee with a charge rate of 0.5 for the European Payment Order Procedure.

The amount of the fee is determined by the value of the dispute, which is normally identical to the amount of the claim brought. If, in addition to the principal claim, interest or costs are also involved as ancillary claims, the value of these ancillary claims is not taken into account.

How much shall I pay?

The court fee to be paid upon the issue of a European Payment Order is:

Value of dispute up to Fee in EUR Value of dispute up to Fee in EUR
500 32.00 50 000
1 000 32.00 65 000
1 500 35.50 80 000
2 000 44.50 95 000
3 000 54.00 110 000
4 000 63.50 125 000
5 000 73.00 140 000
6 000 82.50 155 000
7 000 92.00 170 000
8 000 101.50 185 000
9 000 111.00 200 000
10 000 120.50 230 000
13 000 133.50 260 000
1 052.00
16 000 146.50 290 000
1 141.50
19 000 159.50 320 000
1 231.00
22 000 172.50 350 000
1 320.50
25 000 185.50 380 000
1 410.00
30 000 203.00 410 000
1 499.50
35 000 220.50 440 000
1 589.00
40 000 238.00 470 000
1 678.50
45 000 255.50 500 000
1 768.00

What happens if I do not pay the court fees on time?

If the advance payment on court fees is not made, the court will not issue a payment order and the proceedings will not be taken any further.

In order for the payment to be assigned to the corresponding file number by the court, it is imperative that the applicant also specifies the file number when making the bank transfer.

How can I pay the court fees?

The advance on court fees can be paid directly when filing the application. If it has not yet been paid, the court will send a court fees invoice to the applicant.

a) Bank transfer

You may pay by bank transfer.

b) Credit card

You may not pay by credit card.

c) Collection from the applicant’s bank account by the court

Payment by means of collection from the applicant’s bank account is not possible.

d) Legal aid

Where the applicant has been granted legal aid, he or she will not be required to pay any legal costs or make any advance payments. The application for legal aid may be submitted to the same court as the application for a European Payment Order.

e) Other

There are no other types of payment.

What shall I do after the payment?

After successful payment, the court will assign the payment to the application and process the application.

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Last update: 05/11/2020