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Criminal records - Hungary

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This section deals with the criminal registration authority and the official character certificate.

KEKKH Criminal Records Authority

Title:1097 Budapest, VasGate utca 30/A

Phone: Tel. + 36 1 455 21 98
+ 36 1 455 21 03

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The Client Service of the Authority is available at the Central Administration Office of the Ministry of the Interior (1133 Budapest, Visegrad Street, 110).

The criminal records shall be authentic authorities for the data processed and shall be subject to statutory supervision by the Supreme Prosecutor. The Department of the Ministry of the Interior is entitled to obtain an extract from the judicial record of the data of his/her own data. The procedure for issuing an extract from the judicial record shall be initiated by post, electronically or by lodging a personal request, presented orally at the service of the customer, by post. The official extract from the judicial record is not subject to duty at four times per year.

Link opens in new windowFind out more about judicial ethical certification.

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Last update: 24/09/2019