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Criminal records - Hungary

Stran je strojno prevedena in njena kakovost ni zajamčena.

Kakovost prevoda je: nezanesljiva

Ali menite, da je ta prevod koristen?

This section the criminal records authority and an extract from the membership.

The Authority KEKKH Criminal Record

Title1097 Budapest, Iron Gates utca 30/A

Phone: + 36 1 455 21 98Fax:
+ 455 21 03 36 1

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The Authority Department of the Ministry of the Interior Central Okmányirodai helpdesk (Visegrád utca 1133, 110) can be accepted.

The criminal records data processed in the public registers of legal supervision by the Prosecutor-General. The Central Department of the Ministry of the Interior may Okmányirodai extract from its own data. Official certificate of good conduct procedure by post, electronically or orally, personal customer service applications will be launched. The extract from the judicial record issued free of charge four times a year.

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Last update: 12/04/2017