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European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) - Netherlands

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National ECLI Coordinator

The national ECLI Coordinator is the Council for the Judiciary. You can contact the administrator at the following email address: Link opens in new windowKennissystemen@rechtspraak.nl.

Country Code

The country code for the Netherlands is: [EN]

Generation of national ECLI

ECLI was imported into the Netherlands on 28 June 2013. An ECLI may be awarded to:

  • All judgments published on the Court’s Link opens in new windowwebsite.
  • All disciplinary judgments published on the official website (on the joint Link opens in new windowdisciplinary webpage).
  • All judgments which are not published on the websites referred to in points (a) and (b), but which are published in magazines or databases, both commercial and open access. Editing of magazines or database administrators wishing to register their judgments can register to the email address indicated above.
  • All judicial decisions contained in an internal judicial database.

Irrespective of whether a judgment has been published on the two websites mentioned above, all Dutch ECLIs — together with at least the name of the adjudicating authority, the date of pronouncement and the case number — can be found on Link opens in new windowcourts.nl.

If known, the publication numbers of the judgment in magazines or databases are also displayed. Link opens in new windowDutch ECLIs are structured as follows:

  • ‘ECLI’;
  • The country code “NL”;
  • The court code, see the information under the heading ‘CourtLink opens in new windowcode’;
  • The year of the judgment;
  • A serial number. There are two possibilities to do this:
    • Before 28 June 2013, almost all of the judgments published in the Netherlands were given a ‘LJN’ (‘Landelijk rechtspraak Nummer’). This LJN always consisted of two letters and four digits, for example: ‘AB1234’. For reasons of persistence, this LJN has been transferred to the fifth part of the ECLI code.
    • No LJNs have been awarded since 28 June 2013. All judgments which have received and are given an ECLI after this date shall have an increasing serial number (consisting only of figures). This may include judgments delivered before 28 June 2013.

Main court codes

The Netherlands has a large number of court codes. The codes of the main Dutch courts are given in the table below.

Supreme dishes


Supreme Court


Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Supreme Court (Advocate General)


Council of State


Administrative High Court


Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal

Appellate courts


Court of Amsterdam


Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal


Court of Appeal The Hague


Court of Appeal’s-Hertogenbosch



Rechtbank Amsterdam (district Court, Amsterdam)


District Court of The Hague


District Court of Gelderland


Limburg Court


Rechtbank Midden-Nederland (District Court, Central Netherlands)


North Holland District Court


Rechtbank Noord-Nederland (District Court, North Netherlands)


East Brabant District Court


Overijssel district Court




District Court of Zeeland-West Brabant

All court codes

A complete list of all Dutch court codes, in alphabetical order, is available on Link opens in new windowthis webpage. In the case of bodies which have ceased to exist, the following shall be indicated: ‘dissolved’.

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Last update: 18/11/2020