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European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) - Romania

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National ECLI coordinator

The Ministry of Justice is the national coordinator ECLI — Link opens in new

Country Code

The country code for Romania is: [EN]

Generation of national ECLI

ECLI was introduced at the level of Romanian courts at the end of 2015.

ECLI is automatically assigned, via the electronic case management system (ECRIS), to judgments handed down since 2007 by the courts (High Court of Cassation and Justice, Courts of Appeal, Courts of Appeal and District Courts). For court decisions rendered after 15 December 2015, the ECLI also appears in their paper format.

There is currently no online national case law base connected to the ECLI search engine of the e-Justice Portal. However, there is a database in which all judgments handed down by Romanian courts in 2010 are taken from the ECRIS system and published in anonymised form — Link opens in new windowROLII, currently under development.

In Romania the ECLI code consists of:

  • ‘ECLI’;
  • country code “RO”;
  • Court code — list of court codes to be found herePDF(256 Kb)EN;
  • the year of the judgment;
  • a serial number consisting of the internal number of the corresponding electronic register in the ECRIS system (unique at court level) and the decision number as granted in the court decision register (unique to the register).


The ECLIcode assigned to a judgment delivered by the District Court of Bucharest 4 could look as follows: ECLI: RO: JDS4B: 2017: 001.004053, where ‘JDS4B’ is the court code, ‘2017’ — the year of the judgment, ‘001’ — the internal number of the corresponding electronic register in the ECRIS system and ‘004053’ is the decision number.

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